RBI Industries Identity Systems


RB Industries Identity Systems was founded in 1978 as a medium scale sign fabrication facility in Santee, California. In collaboration with the finest designers and architects, we develop elegant yet effective signage and way finding programs that fit your needs; this is including but not limited to guest room identification and directional signs that aide guests in the navigation of hotel spaces, interior and exterior. We take care in providing signage that is easy to read while enhancing your properties decor. Using depth and texture we achieve quality products that comply with ADA standards and reinforce your brand mantra. Our design capacity combined with our fabrication capabilities streamline the signage procurement process which will ultimately will save you time and funds.

From concept to completion we deliver programs that reinforce your theme and communicate your attention to detail while facilitating your guests' full enjoyment of the property. Please contact RB Industries — when typical just isn't good enough.

Our Team

We have a seasoned graphic design team and thorough custom manufacturing capabilities, design, fabrication, finishing, & installation departments that make up our company out of Santee, California. Email info@rbindustries.com to request a team bio from us.

Our Process

Multi-disciplinary RB industries approaches every project with the same modus operandi which involves a discovery process to survey sites, peruse architectural plans, analyze traffic flows along critical ingress, egress, and regress points, as well as any space restrictions that may exist. We then start planning sign locations, sizes, and hierarchy among design intentions and move on to proposal bidding, awarding, administrative, & project management processes that ultimately result in the entire servicing of your signage order. The manifestation of themes, designs, fabrication, and installation of the final product possesses the highest standards of quality.

All of our products adhere to federal American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. Consult your local municipality agencies to be incompliance to state/city laws.