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VLC (Value of a Loyal Customer) in the Hospitality Signage Business

With impunity, hospitality resort goers scrutinize every aspect of the venues they visit. Patrons are quick to make favoritism to their cherished destinations; those with positive experiences will likely become lasting, loyal customers business & pleasure travelers alike. Any adverse experiences that may occur at your venues are exponentially more detrimental compared to favorable ones.

Negative emotions generally involve more thinking, and the information is processed more thoroughly than positive ones, he said. Thus, we tend to ruminate more about unpleasant events — and use stronger words to describe them — than happy ones.Alina Tugend, NY Times

Guests’ bad experiences can be held top-of-mind indefinitely; whereas good experiences are likely to have much less impact. Unfair, one may say — but it attests to the importance or reducing margin for error on all fronts at your hospitality, hotel, or resort venue. You would rather your customers have reoccurring delight at your venue for years to come; attuned to that of a famous rainy café scene emphasizing how a company can better create value for a customer by continually offering them high quality for many years,

Don’t sell a guy one car. Sell him five cars over fifteen years.Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

They also make reference to the timeworn proverb — to kill the goose that lays the golden egg(to consequently destroy a profitable avenue of your business by naivety); better said, companies that choose to kill the goose in light of potential short term monetary gain instead of nurturing it for a life of wealth do not care for the well-being of the goose.

With every new guest puts burden on hospitality ventures to perform. There are many variables in this tried-and-true formula; the more you can control, the better you can confidently provide the best experience to your guests. I am speaking in regards to how our custom design-build signage will leave satisfied impressions with your guests and are by value comparison superior to typical signage.

Call RB Industries – When typical just isn’t good enough.



The Value of Design-Build Signage

We are a valuable resource to men of all trades: architects, designers, general contractors, property owners & trusts. When typical isn’t good enough – Call RB Industries.

Design Build Signage from RB Industries

It is not uncommon for property owners & managers to rely on us as their single source sign vendor for their breadth of properties across the nation.

We strive in all ways to:

Create signage that is…

Complementary, But not to be invasive, Warm, not abrasive.

To have the happiest of patrons…

Guests will navigate, Familiarization, Safety, care relied.

The RB Industries Experience

Our business proposition is novel because all under one roof we yearn to design, manufacture, & install signage that facilitates a greater understanding between patrons and their respective hotel properties. Our commitment and involvement throughout the entire design process encompasses every phase throughout the design, construction, & furnishing of signage

We start by performing a site visit with one of our signage specialists and/or perusing development floor plans to quantify all signs needed to be in compliance with wayfinding & legal regulations. We may then collaborate with interior designers and aide them in the processes for uniquely designed signage. We continue to conceptualize & adapt ideas through as many phases as are needed until we have a complete signage submittal. Lastly, in receipt of all approvals, we fabricate at our facilities in Santee and ship them to your development property for installation by us or a vendor of your discretion.

For every project we undertake as a team at RB Industries we participate in strategic project planning to reach our company’s utmost efficiency the development of signs. Product design, interaction elements, & ergonomics all have relevance when we are researching a concept idea for a new project. We address clients’ specific wants & needs and then using the appropriate design tools we try to replicate signs for high touch environments that have seamless, continual motifs. The accents, colors, typography, materials and finishes we use create content-rich, experiential spaces that communicate your brand image.

The consistent advancement of our signage discipline allows us to exploit new design frontiers for the companies on the vanguard. Our design talent in-house possesses unrelenting passion for technical design with scrupulous attention to detail, all the while working within our clients budget and time frames. The product you ultimately receive is a luxury designed, high-end commercial product that is a unique identity sign.

The respected art of bringing signage into this world is used by our buyers to catalyze growth for their businesses. We take pride in initiating the relationship between guests and their venues; we thereby are founders of the existential beginnings of memories to be birthed in a wide range of habitats such as hotels, resorts, hospitality, & gaming properties. By creating content that is rich with enticing with graphics, we adhere to the the science of helping people find their way by demonstrating exactly how a place should be experienced…

How long do signs last?

The hospitality, hotel, resort & gaming industry compliment us because we provide unique value to our customers: durable signs that possess attributes to accentuate a property’s decor while retaining the means to withstand time. This makes our interior & exterior signage stand out and puts old, dilapidated signage to shame.

It is said that properties’ wayfinding signage needs to be replaced every 7 to 10 years; however, some may need to be replaced prior. Unlike the short life expectancy of today’s technological devices, RB Industries signs will invariably hold up far past their expiration dates. Our signs are fabricated to endure, in contrast to the economies-of-scale manufacturing practices for devices with shorter useful lives with the ultimate purpose of increasing turnover sales. This planned obsolescence fosters the mentality that new is not necessarily higher quality; the ramifications of not providing exceptional goods at a luxury standard is that customers will perceive your product to be mediocre. When a luxury product or service offering falls short of expected excellence, your property’s reputation is at stake.

The materials used to produce a sign will affect its longevity as well as the surrounding elements and exposure. Space and type of the environment it must withstand must be taken into consideration when calculating the useful life of signage. If the signs are to be maintained on a regular basis they will likely endure much longer. If there is the possibility that signs will be vandalized by rancorous guests that also needs to be taken into account.

Our Vow

At RB Industries, we are sign consultants, innovators, and order-takers with a long term commitment to aesthetic design in all aspects of custom signage. Hospitality venues and hotel real estate investment trust companies are willing to use our product because it has longevity which in turn creates more value for investors.

We take care in providing signage that supplements properties’ images. We tend to focus on quality over quantity. We have built our reputation this way and we will continue to carry on this way.


Signs of Obsolescence - When signage goes bad
When do I need to buy new Signage?

Better to live in a world with signs than without

Have you ever pondered what a world without signage would be like? Patrons would be found frantically checking every room, stairwell, & corridor until by process of elimination they arrive at their intended destinations. Guests’ every prospective experience would be tempered by the thoughts and feelings paralleling that of a trivial hunt operation; in one time or another in your life, you may have experiences that rival these sentiments of aimless despondency.

Imagine strolling through a venue while you are hungry and want to find a fulsome restaurant to eat; you saunter for ten minutes to no avail to end up instead holding yourself over with a meager sandwich from a side shop cafe for sustenance. You may be in a desperate search for a restroom but you can’t find one so you take the elevator ten floors up to use your room’s dependable location. In moments like these the realization dawns on you that you don’t quite know where you are and consequently you may find yourself festering with frustration.

Signage is Important

Who really wants to miss out on their sacred vacation time away attributed to lack of way finding? It is a joyous occasion when the appropriate signage is in place because customers will realize the true value bestowed of the hotel, resort, gaming, or hospitality venue they occupy. Simply put, Patrons cannot find the wherewithal to try anew until they are shown how to interact with their surrounding environs.


Working in Progress at RB Industries

RB Industries
RB Industries

The RB Industries production facility can be related to the WIP (Work In Progress) analogy of a freight train running its track.

At the front is a large, powerful, virile engine; the engine cannot be replaced, modified, or adapted in short circumstance. A conductor with unwavering confidence is seated at its control. If he is lackadaisical and over promises to make project deadlines, the train will inevitably lose stability and derail; however, the cargo will arrive safely at its destination if he takes time to maneuver the track with competence.

The vital cargo, work in progress, is numerous cars between the engine and caboose: clients, ideas, designs, collaborations, manufacturing, and installation. All amount to pertinent value we provide to our clients that require a hasty and careful venture to their final destinations. If the train is over encumbered, it will tardily reach its intended destination, or not at all. Care must to taken to assure that all cars are in apparent good order and free of damages upon arrival.

At the rear of the train in the caboose sits a team of engineers in constant contact with the engine conductor to ensure everything between the former and latter is traversing in the most efficient manner. They are in constant communication, informing the engine conductor with relevant information to get the train to the station in one piece.

Our WIP has all the mechanical & human pitfalls of this train analogy. We live in a time period where technological innovation is the cardinal factor to staying relevant in an industry. We must continuously refine our myriad of business strategies to stay competitive in the signage marketplace while maintaining a high level of efficiency between the engine, cargo, and caboose.